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Sacred Texts

The Literature Collection

The Most Assigned Books
The 100 most assigned books for school and university all in one place, pre-formatted for accelerated reading. RapidReader Editions are ideal for study, review, memorization and report writing.

The Classic Literature Collection
Timeless literary wonders by some of the greatest authors that have ever lived. This collection is the reading list for anyone who studies literature, or simply loves great storytelling. Includes works by Dickens, Twain, Bronte, Dumas, and many more.

The Young Adult and Children's Collections
Classic favorites for Young Adult and grade school readers. Adventure, Mystery, Fantastic Tales with great characters and stories for any age. The RapidReader format makes them dynamic, fast paced and engaging. Great for literacy building or just plain fun.

The Mystery Collection
Murder in the London Fog, dangerous passages on lavish trains, death by poison or gun or knife. Who dun it and how? Some of these mysteries go back to the very beginnings of the detective novel when forensic science was in it's infancy. Yet they're still as engrossing today. Match wits with some of the legendary villains and see if you can figure out the answers before our hero.

The Horror and Science Fiction Collections
Some of the greatest spine tinglers and thought provoking science fiction every written. As captivating now as when they were penned. The RapidReader Edition brings them to life in an entirely new way as the stories practically leap off the page.

History, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Business and much more from the greatest minds of the west and east. All in RapidReader Editions. They are ideal companions for study.

The History Collection
History comes alive when read in the words of those who witnessed it. Great historians from both the ancient and modern worlds tell the stories and analyze the momentous and cultural events of humanity.

The Sacred Texts Collection
The timeless books of faith. The Old and New Testament, The Apocrypha and commentaries, The Book of Mormon, The Quran and much more. These Editions assist reading, review and memorization.

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Many journal articles, research and other academic resources can be read with RapidReader*. Please use the Google Scholar Search to access these materials.

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